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Washington County Market is HOT!


The interest rates are still so low and buyers are out in full force.  Some areas in Washington County are low in home inventory so buyers are having to sometimes compete with multiple offers.  This is great for sellers, but as an agent I have to educate my buyers and let them know that if they like a house they should not hesitate too long.  We may see a switch up if the interest rates start to climb up at the end of the year.

Economic Projection for 2015


Well, things seem to be looking up for 2015.  Homes are selling and buyers are purchasing.  Even better news is that the White House issued a confirmation that the Administration is directing the Federal House Administration to cut the annual mortgage insurance premium from 1.35 percent to 0.85 percent.  This step will allow even more new buyers to purchase a home.  (No dates have been announced as of yet)



When you are in the process of getting a loan for a home, please remember NOT to make any large purchases e.g. car, boat until talking with your lender.  Some buyers think that because they have been approved by the bank for the loan that they can move forward with an expensive purchase.  The bank may not only check your credit/purchase history prior to closing but also your cash reserves.  This can affect your loan ratio and cause you to not be able to get your home loan.


Zillow Are the Markets Accurate?


Countless homeowners go onto Zillow to see what their property is worth.  Zillow is a website that allows homeowners to get a general market evaluation on their home.  Sometimes it is accurate…sometimes not so much.  Information, from what I have read ,on Zillow’s formulation are which numbers are taking from public information and calculated to reveal a “number”.   While possibly a good “jump start” the best solution is to reach out to a local real estate agent.  They are current on the local market and can pull up recent sales and homes active.  Most importantly,  they can actually preview the inside of your home and not just the outside dimensions.

Are You Being Watched?


Recently I have been telling my buyer client’s that when we view homes that negotiations will not be discussed at the seller’s home.  The reason – Security Systems.   Security systems are great for home owners, however, when buyer’s are discussing terms at the seller’s home then that can raise some issues down the road.  I tell my client’s to assume that they are being watched and the seller is listening to our discussion because..... you just never know:)

Should We Have An Open House?

It seems like a lot of agents are getting away from Open Houses. Their reasoning is that it only benefits the agent and not the seller. Well, I have SOLD homes by having open houses so I would say the seller thought it was a benefit to them:) Granted the percentage is a lot lower that your home will be sold from an Open House, but I feel we need to do Everything to get buyers in to see your home.

Today's Market


Homes seem to really be moving right now especially in the $100K to $200K price range. I think everyone has Spring Fever and the buyers are itching to start looking and find their perfect home! Sellers still need to make sure they work with their Realtors to price their home correctly from the start. The housing market is still not allowing for “testing” the market. Sellers will make more money if they price correctly from the start and get off the market quickly.

Small Living A Personal Insight


My husband and I moved from a 4 bedroom/3 bath over 2,500 sq.ft.  home in Ohio to a much, much smaller home in Wisconsin 15 years ago.  Even though the home was not that big - we loved the 1.3 acre lot in the country.  What I love is that it definintely brings our family together.  Unless you are in your own bedroom on the second floor the main floor is open concept and there is no where to hide!  Entertaining can be a challenge, but is manageable.  However, it has given me the best organizational skills.  If we don't need it - it goes to a donation center.  I am also obsessed with micro living and seeing just how small people can go in their living arrangements.  People living in large urban areas like Milwaukee have to sometimes manage in 500 sq. ft. apartments - and like the challenges of living "small".  Don't be afraid to downsize or live in a smaller home - you can get a real appreciation for how you live and what you really need. 



If you are buyer looking for a home, the first thing you should do is contact your local bank to discuss getting a pre-approval.  The bank will meet with you and make a determination off of information you provide to see "if" and "how much" you can afford.  Once the bank makes that determination they will give a "pre-approval" which you will need to have when making an offer.  It shows the seller that you are serious buyer and have made the first steps to show that you can afford the home.

Housing in 2014


Per the WRA the overall 2013 year ending in November was up by 11.1% over last years numbers.  The housing marketing is making an overall comeback.  Due to increasing interest rates the housing market may be a little slower than last year at this time.  Home prices are up by 7.5% than last year.  Even though all sellers would like their homes value to increase at a quicker pace it is important that it grow gradually.

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